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Defeating Deferred Maintenance


Statement of Purpose


Managing maintenance is hard. It is even harder when the highest executive levels of management do not have a working technical knowledge of the complex machines that are used to create wealth for the investors.

The most challenging task in managing maintenance is to get the right information to executive management that can be understood in 60 seconds. If that can be accomplished, the executives will listen for an additional five minutes.

It is in those six minutes that a maintenance manager must make and prove their case for the resources needed to restore those parts of the machines that were consumed during the creation of wealth for the investors so they can continue to create more wealth in the future.

The modern technology used to create wealth has become so complex that it is unreasonable to expect executive leadership to sustain a working knowledge of the technical details so a maintenance manager must translate the technical details into concise financial terms that can be digested in 60 seconds.

The Geaslin Group has created a series of special management tools to transfer the significance of technical and mechanical needs into financial ratios and rules of consequence that will quickly deliver the gravity and urgency of seemingly small maintenance needs across multiple levels of the organizational chart.

We teach how to deliver to the executive management a core belief for managing maintenance that will produce the lowest maintenance cost per unit of production possible and prove that all other options will create a higher cost. Understanding this core belief will allow an executive to cease being a spectator in the management of maintenance and actively participate in the managing of the production assets that are creating wealth of the investors.

When executive management understands our process we guide them to a self-financing solution to improved reliability, production, and profits through several tactical management techniques that plow back recovered man/hours and avoided exponential breakdown costs into a self-reinforcing cycle of "Early Detection" and "Early Intervention".

Our path to improved profits through increased production and lower maintenance cost is one that an executive can recognize, confirm, and execute without getting bogged down in in technical details. If your organization should care to examine our option for improving the management of maintenance, we are at your service to visit.


David Geaslin, Principal

Houston Mobile: 832-524-8214

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