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Defeating Deferred Maintenance


Building Tenant or Representative's Maintenance Awareness Seminar - 4 Hours

There are a myriad of training programs for managers that are responsible for real estate, schools, ports, factories, mines, and office buildings that give excellent guidance concerning HR, organizational needs, and marketing skills. 

However, the people we trust these facilities to often have little or no maintenance experience and they are given little or no training in how to monitor and manage the mechanical health of these essential and expensive facilities. The Facility Manager needs to know how to diagnose the mechanical condition of their facilities and equipment and know what is important and when to act. Early Detection and Early Intervention can prevent a routine maintenance item from becoming a significant expense or safety event. 

"If a Facility Manager or tenant is not able to recognize a pending infrastructure failure,
then every breakdown is a surprise and every surprise a potential accident.
" ~ David Geaslin


This seminar teaches Facility Managers and building operators how to become involved in the management of the maintenance of their facilities and machines they operate. They need a simple program that will teach them how to recognize important maintenance issues with roofs, walls, floors, plumbing, HVAC, electrical systems, etc and report them in such a way that their maintenance support can act quickly if needed. 

If they know how recognize a pending failure, have the confidence to act, and create an excellent write-up to maintenance then the cost of the repair is dramatically reduced and interruptions to service is minimized. 

Of the multiple variables affecting the operation of a facility, none is more important than for the operator to be able to recognize a pending failure before it occurs. Some points covered in this class:

  • What makes a facility unsafe? - How to recognize those things that could endanger the occupants of a building and effectively get that recognition to the people in the building and the maintenance department.

  • What makes a facility's services become unreliable? - How to recognize and prioritize maintenance events to get the most effective response from the maintenance department to assure the proper functioning of a building.

  • How do the building's controls work? - Where to find the information as to heater and air conditioner controls, lock and key management, emergency water and natural gas shutoffs, and the main power shutoff. These are questions you need to answer in an emergency.

  • What are the key things to look for on every trip through the facility? - How to recognize major problems while they are small and before they become big.

  • How do you know what is "normal" for your facility? - Recognizing the natural "balance" of a building.

  • What are the critical paths in your facility that can cause the services to cease and the facility to shut-down? -

  • What critical path spare parts should be stocked to avoid shut-downs of service? - There are items you need to have on hand to minimize downtime

  • When should you shut down your facility for repairs? - Understanding the dramatic consequences of operating to failure.

Our colleges and universities offer nothing to help inform the person in charge of a building concerning these challenges; however, this course does. 

The Facility Manager can have a dramatic effect on maintenance cost. They can be the first to notice a puff of smoke, a strange smell, a small puddle of fluid, an different sound, or an unusual vibration. The more a Facility Manager knows about their assets, the more likely they are to perform in an efficient and safe manner.

This seminar is offered in a 2 or 4 hour class that starts with the routine inspections and goes through the necessary planning to avoid mechanical interruptions. It is targeted to the Facility Manager and the people they delegate maintenance authority to. It is also recommended that the Facility Operations Manager and Maintenance Foremen also attend to create a consistency of communication. 

Seminar Offered At Your Location:
2 or 4-hour Class
You may mix & match classes for Facility, Operator, and Driver Courses.
Class size unrestricted if offered at your facility.



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