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Defeating Deferred Maintenance


MAINTENANCE MANAGER'S COURSE - How to Manage the Function of Maintenance - 24 Hours

This is a general management training course designed to offer college-level management training to the Maintenance Manager and their staff that have reached their levels of leadership by way of coming up through the "tool box".

These highly competent technical professionals usually have had unlimited access to technical knowledge but almost no access to the managerial training needed for the leadership, management , and marketing skills needed to deliver maintenance assistance to internal and/or external customers. This course of instruction is designed to add management skills to the significant technical skills that have put them in positions of leadership.

This course consists of 24-hours of classroom instruction. It is offered in three 8-hour sessions, four 6-hour sessions, or six 4-hour sessions. The purpose of this training is to teach maintenance staff to better communicate with the people in the supporting departments such as the Accounting, Purchasing, Parts, and Operations Departments how to apply this new information to create a smooth running maintenance program that will improve the service to the end user.

This syllabus is targeted to the Maintenance Manager and Foremen; however, if they should attend the Operations Manager, Budget Manager, Parts Manager, and other supporting departments can see how improved cooperation can improve reliability and efficiency of production assets.


  • How Maintenance Budgets Fail and KPI Predictors

  • Computing the True Risk/Reward Ratio for Deferring Maintenance

  • Why Preventive Maintenance is Not Enough

  • Acting on this Knowledge

  • Creating a Self-Financing Maintenance Improvement Plan

  • Critical Path Analysis Planning

  • Spare Parts Inventory Management

  • The Psychology of Dealing With Management, Operators, and Maintenance Workers

  • Creating a Maintenance Control Department

  • Integrating the Maintenance Control Function into Management

  • Measuring Mechanic/Technician Productivity

  • Quality Control - Low tech and Innovative Ways to Improve Maintenance Quality

  • Cannibalization - The True Cost

  • Creating a Preventive Maintenance Program

  • Managing Repair (Remedial) Maintenance

  • Managing Predictive Maintenance

  • Managing Preemptive Maintenance

  • Maintenance Administration

  • Warranty Administration

  • Maintenance Training

  • Managing Maintenance Safety

  • Identifying Destructive Personnel and Operators

  • Sustaining a Successful Maintenance Program

This is a powerful course that can change trajectory of a maintenance effort and is offered in open enrollment classes or at a client's location to specialize the teaching topics. If you should have interest in this knowledge, contact David Geaslin at (832) 524-8214 or .

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