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Process Mapping for Small Maintenance Shops - 5 Days

Process Mapping, Organizing and Managing Workflow at the Small Shop Level

"If I could just get my maintenance shops to organize their workflow,
we could do a lot better..." ~ A Frustrated Operations Manager

This course is designed to help the small maintenance shop organize their workflow and paper and present the results to management in such a way that the full resources of the company can be applied to improving asset reliability and increase sales dollars. ~ David Geaslin

Every week I meet a branch manager that is frustrated by operational disruptions created by what appears to be a disorganized maintenance effort. When these situations are examined I find the interface between the Operations and Maintenance Departments is so opaque that neither can support the other effectively. This is easy to fix.

In most cases operations managers cannot "read" the current workload of maintenance in such a way to plan operational commitments. This is easy to fix.

Our Process Mapping for Small Maintenance Shops Training Program helps small maintenance efforts to better manage their shops and make their efforts, limitations, and timelines totally transparent to operations managers and planners. Listed below are several areas we help them address:

Flowchart & Process Mapping - Identify and flowchart all work as it comes into the shop, through the shop, and the return to the user.

Flowchart Recordkeeping & Filing - Flowchart the document retention paths necessary to meet company objectives.

Flowchart the Parts Support Process - Flowchart how parts are ordered, tracked, stocked, and disbursed.

Flowchart Maintenance Control - Create an understanding of how to manage the workflow.

Create a Maintenance Control Board (MCB) - The effort to create a paperless management system has failed at the small maintenance shop level. It is not the fault of the maintenance manager but a way is needed to cope with the paper critical to accounting and government regulators that accumulates with every maintenance repair order (RO). This functional system offers:

Graphically Display of Every Repair Order in the Shop

Awaiting Maintenance ~ In Work ~ Awaiting Parts
Out of Shop ~ Mechanic Finished ~ To Be Filed

Valuable Graphical Display of All Challenges and Resources to Better Manage the Function of Maintenance

And Organized Method to Collect and Control All Paper Documentation With Each RO

A Place Where Operations and Maintenance Managers Can Stand and Plan What Assets Will Be Available and When

When these two departments can communicate easily then productivity increases, asset reliability goes up, maintenance costs go down, and safety improves.

Timeline: 5 Day Program

Content: What is offered.

Day 1

Classroom - 2 Hours - Teach process mapping techniques to leaders in the maintenance shop and parts support.

Shop Floor - Observe and support shop leaders and parts personnel during the work day to guide them and identify processes and workflow challenges. Start training to implement the Maintenance Control Board (MCB) and Parts Control Board (PCB)

Day 2

Classroom - 2 Hours - Workshop to map maintenance and parts workflow processes.

Shop Floor - We will create process workflow documents in PowerPoint to demonstrate existing workflow and desired workflow and test them. Hang the MCB and PCB. Collect and sort all known tasks in maintenance and parts.

Day 3

Shop Floor - Populate and begin use of the MCB and PCB. Coach maintenance personnel on the management techniques to better manage the maintenance effort.

Day 4

Classroom - 1 Hour - Brief branch manager and operations manager on the maintenance and parts process mapping progress, how to read the MCB and PCB, and how to apply that knowledge to better managing their processes.

Shop Floor - Take the branch manager and operations manager to the Maintenance Control Board (MCB) and demonstrate how it is being used to manage maintenance and how they can better support the process.

Day 5

Shop Floor - Continue to coach all in the finer details of managing the maintenance workflow.

Classroom - Debrief the branch manager, operations manager, parts, and maintenance managers as to the status of the program and where it can go to improve operational readiness and profits.

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