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Defeating Deferred Maintenance


Former Marine Corps Aviator

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I served in the U.S. Marine Corps from 1968 to 1975. I went to Quantico and the 47th OCS in November '67 then to Pensacola for flight training and rotated through VT-1, VT-3, VT-5, VT-6, and HT-8.

I went to HML-267 at Camp Pendleton in '69 and then to Vietnam with HML-167 from August '69 until July '70. I flew 620 missions in Huey Gunships. I returned to be the Assistant Officer in Charge of the Marine Corp Auxiliary Landing Field at Camp Pendleton.

Later I went back to HML-267 for a while and the transitioned to jets at VT-22 in Kingsville, and then on the RAG at Cherry Point. From there I went on to VMA-331 at Beaufort, S.C. until I separated in December '75.

I have always missed the good friends I made in the Marine Corps. I hope I get a chance to see all that I can again. Visit if you want. ~ David Geaslin


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UH-1E Gunships
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Photo Courtesy of Randy Crew
Author of
A Killing Shadow
A novel of Marine gunships in Vietnam

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Great Maps of Vietnam!

Vietnam 1967/70
Marble Mountain Air Facility

4 Texans

1/Lt Jan Hruska  1/Lt Ira Hieberg 
1/Lt Dave Geaslin  1/Lt Jim Hall

Hutton, Scotty, Adams, Ira Hieberg, Greg
Duesing, Paul Hugenberg, ?, Al Hinton

Jan Hruska & Milt Mathews just had a door
blown off at LZ Baldy by a H-46 lifting off.

Christmas bird Jan Hruska flew Bob Hope around in.

1/Lt David Geaslin (FNG) at 
Cua Viet near the DMZ.

1/Lt David Geaslin

Marble Mountain

Que Son

1/Lts Heiberg, Geaslin & Duesing


I took this bird up an a test hop for a slight beat at 60 kts. After 10 minutes of flight the beat smoothed out. I thought to myself, "Damn your a good test pilot. All you got to do is think about the problem and the bird fixes itself!"

Got back on the ground and found that the trans & and engine cowling had blown off in flight and gone up through the rotor system leaving a hole big enough to drop a canteen through.

Need some names here!

Over the Hoi An River near the mouth. 
RoK Marine country.

From the HML-167 Web page

  Great Maps of Vietnam!


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The Death Of 1/Lt. Dick Dodd

David Geaslin

It was in Elephant Valley, 1970, I saw him die,
a brave young man who loved to fly.

He went out of this world in a moment so fast,
but his fight to live went on to the last.

His Gunship fell past me in a mass of flame
but his courage was strong, for when the end came

despite a crippled bird without control
and the rising jungle coming up like a shoal,

as his flaming Huey plunged close to the ground,
I saw the nose pitch up and rotor slow down.

I was watching his last chance hitch,
with flames in the cockpit, he still "pulled pitch".*

To continue to fight against such pain and strife
sets an example to us for the rest of our life.

No matter how bitter the stuff in Life's cup,
take a big gulp and never give up.

* The complicated emergency procedure by which a
helicopter can be landed without engine power.

~ An autorotation.




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